About Us!

Hi!  We're Ali and Kelly, the creators of Hearts & Bees, a new pattern company!  We've been friends for a few years and recently got together for a girls' sewing weekend.  When Ali showed Kelly her recent quilt mock up, the conversation went something like this:

Ali:  See?  I'm going to make it in Cotton & Steel basics.
Kelly:  Oh my gosh!!!! I love it!  It's going to be beautiful!  How do you construct that block?
Ali:  (explains)
Kelly: (with scrunched up nose) That's nice, but I'd never take the time to make it.  I'm way too lazy!  Can't you make the block bigger?
Ali:  That's not my design.
Kelly:  Well, if I did it, I'd make the blocks huge so I finish faster.  (You can be brutally honest and snarky with your friends, right?)

This conversation continued until we started talking about how we each see a block or pattern so differently.  From a pattern's inception to fabric selection, we have our own unique ideas!  Like many quilters, we tweak and modify patterns often so we thought it would be a cool idea to create quilt patterns that give two quilters' takes on the same concept.  So in a weekend filled with carbs, spray painting gold dinosaurs, and sewing, Heart & Bees was born!   

Meet Ali
Natural red head, math nerd, IKEA junkie, professional fabric folder, and book author.  

Meet Kelly
Former (terrible) ballerina, book nerd, recovering lawyer, self-taught quilter, and Anna Maria Horner addict.  

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